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Cobb County Implements New Measures to Curb Neighborhood Speeding

Credit: iStock

Cobb County residents can now take greater control over speeding in their neighborhoods thanks to new policies implemented by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Speeding on residential streets has been a major issue, prompting the county to offer more traffic-calming options beyond the traditional speed humps and display signs.

The revised policy introduces raised crosswalks, raised intersections, roundabouts, and speed cushions to help slow down traffic. Chicanes and lateral shifts, which create small islands forcing drivers to navigate through curves, have also been added. Additionally, the speed limit threshold has been lowered from 32 to 25 miles per hour for neighborhood streets. Residents can report speeding issues, and if the DOT finds a problem, a solution is proposed and requires over 65% neighborhood approval before implementation. This proactive approach aims to enhance safety and livability in Cobb County communities.