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Local News

From Gas to Groceries: Navigating Georgia’s Fluctuating Sectoral Dynamics

The February 2024 Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) data reveals pivotal insights into Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell’s economic landscape. Regional Commissioner Victoria G. Lee emphasized the noteworthy trend of the shelter index, which contributed significantly to the 3.3 percent overall inflation rate over the past 12 months.

Restricting farm property ownership by ‘foreign adversary’ a step backwards for Georgia

With legislation that conflates national security with xenophobia, Georgia’s House Bill 1093 (folded March 12 into Senate Bill 132) and Senate Bill 420 would restrict certain individuals’ and businesses’ ability from owning, renting, or otherwise holding real property throughout Georgia. While many immigrant groups would be harmed with these bills’ passage, proponents openly target people and businesses from China.

Georgia Power’s request for more electricity comes under fire

Georgia’s energy regulators are considering Georgia Power’s request to generate and buy more electricity to meet what the utility calls a surge in demand from new businesses in the state. State lawmakers, meanwhile, are grappling with a leading source of that increased power demand: high-tech data centers.