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Sports News

Top Blind and Visually Impaired Athletes Compete in Smyrna Goalball Tournament

Credit: iStock

The Southeast National Goalball Tournament kicked off on Friday, drawing top blind and visually impaired athletes from across the country to the Smyrna Community Center. The event features intense competition as players navigate the court using only their hearing, guided by the bells inside the 3-pound ball they hurl toward opposing goals at speeds exceeding 40 mph.

Goalball, a sport played in over 100 countries, offers a unique challenge and opportunity for athletes like Matt Simpson, a former silver medalist aiming for the Paralympic Games in Paris. “People with disabilities need access to sports. They need opportunities to learn to compete, learn how to lose, and learn how to push themselves,” Simpson said. The tournament continues through the weekend, inviting fans to witness the exhilarating matches and support these remarkable athletes.